"The Galveston Yacht Club with sailors, racers, and water people with 44 years of history.ď 

History and Tradition

The Galveston Yacht Club was founded in 1962 by Stephen Walters, Dr. Glen Russell, Gil Bray, and Dr. Hilde with the objective to promote yachting and sailboat racing in Galveston.   Once the club was founded and sailing started, other key Galveston sailors joined the club.  Some were doctors from the UTMB who loved to sail, like Dr. Calvery and Dr. Roth, who loved racing.  Others from the core of the island, like Harris Kempner, and Ray Kelso. 

In the late 60ís, 70ís and early 80ís the club flourished with social events and racing, drawing as many as 20 boats for club events and more than 70 sailboats for the Texas Offshore Racing Curcuit (TORC).  Those were the glory days, when the marina was filled with race boats and crews gathered around our clubhouse for race committee meetings before offshore races.

 Changes in the Wind

In the late 80ís most of the racers retired or sold their boats and racing in the area changed, as did our club.  We lost members and some of the founders and core members left or past away, with few to fill in the spaces.

 Our club went into hibernation with little left except the name and a few members, until 2006.

We restored sailing and started club racing again, with hopes to form a coalition with the Galveston Yacht Basin, then owned by the Sealy Smith Foundation.  Meetings were held and the yacht basin manager at that time, became a supporting ally who helped our club restore activities, which generated new interest for our members.  We were making great progress and had plans for racing and social events for the year, until a major policy shift took place with the Sealy Smith Foundation, owners of the marina.  After hurricane Ike the basin was sold to new owners who are now rebuilding the marina.

 So today we remain a sailing club with a name an internet domain, and no clubhouse, but a strong desire to keep sailing.  

 If you have an interest in helping to rebuild our traditional sailing club and help build a new and active sailing community we invite anyone who has ever thought of sailing or crewing to join us in that effort.  Letís bring that spirit and sailing passion together and rebuild our club.

Send us an email if you have any interst or comments: Galveston Sailors